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dimension in training.


Boost your pharma operations with
virtual machine training.


OMNIA XR offers our customers innovative virtual reality applications, facilitating the realistic and convenient training of cleanroom personnel at any time. This addresses several new requirements outlined in Annex 1, mandating repetitive personnel training to mitigate risks in pharmaceutical production. Training sessions can be repeated as needed, with detailed documentation in the form of training reports.



  • Enhanced training effectiveness through immersive training experiences.
  • Minimized machine downtime: immersive training enables operators to confidently interact with the actual equipment, reducing operator error and maximizing machine uptime.
  • Real CAD data ensures an authentic training experience on the actual equipment, even before the machine arrives on site.
  • Virtual Machine Training facilitates a step-by-step training approach anytime and anywhere, ensuring unlimited availability, without disrupting production.
  • No setup is needed at our customer’s site. Tutorials and our virtual assistant make the app self-explanatory and user-friendly for everyone.


// I hear and I forget,

I see and I remember,

I do and I understand. ///


Use cases -
unlimited possibilities.

With our immersive training you can unlock new possibilities in your pharmaceutical production: With VR, operators can learn through experience in a risk-free space, it is consistent and scales. The risk of making a mistake while practicing on real equipment is eliminated. Find out which skills operators can develop through immersive training which can later be applied in the real world.


Learn the most important behaviour principles while operating in a cleanroom environment.


Master your specific procedures in VR before operating the real machine.


Monitor the training success of each operator over time.


// Mistakes often happen, especially during critical interventions in production. Practising such situations very frequently minimizes the risk of batch rejects and increases process reliability. ///

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